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Welcome to the Trifecta Pilates YouTube Channel! This is a place where we bring Pilates out of the studio and into your home.

It's not JUST about another Pilates Workout...

but that you find a class for your mood and energy level today. Move with restorative Pilates routines to fast paced and challenging Pilates Workouts. When you honor where you are and what you need, that's how you'll keep coming back to the mat.

As a cancer survivor, mom of two and an experiencing an intense recovery from an appendectomy surgery, I know that you need to do what's best for you each day ( and that doesn't always mean the hardest workout).

Pilates Workouts can help you thrive in life and I know you'll feel better after each workout.

Sounding good? Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and join me on the mat!

If you're BRAND NEW, try the Pilates for Beginners Series and sign up so I can send you extra support via email.

We may be far apart, but you're not at this alone!


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